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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 10 Grocery Store Mark-Ups

Found this link on TLC about the top 10 marked up items at the Grocery Store.  The one I avoid the most is #1, pre-cut veggies.  I find the whole mushrooms and cut them myself.  I found red peppers on sale for $0.99 a piece, bought 5 and sliced them at home and froze them in separate baggies.  Whenever I want to add them to a meal they are ready at 60 seconds or so in the skillet.  Also watch out for frozen chcicken vs. fresh.  Very often you can find the fresh cheaper than frozen.  You're paying for convenience.  Hand-trimmed chicken vs regular chicken can be over a $1 difference per pound.  It all adds up.  Don't believe me?  Bring a calculator to the grocery store and write down some prices, the proof is on the wall.

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