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Monday, December 26, 2011

Framed Family Monograms

Late on Christmas night, I was feeling crafty after spending about 2 hours on Pinterest....I'm soooo addicted!!!  I bought some picture frames from my cousin and originally painted some lines in the color I want to decorate my living space with.  It looked very amateur, I am an amateur painter so there's no surprise there!  For this project I re-purposed the frames, found some scrapbook paper I had on hand and used some stencils.  Instead of painting, I used the actual stencils.  Our last name has a different paper than our firsts.  My husband and I have the same first initial so I doubled ours in one frame and each of our children have their own.  This was super easy, sooo much better than my "paintings" and gave me a great sense of accomplishment!  Woo-Hoo, my first home decor :)  Hope you like the idea!

Expanding Focus

I'm going to expand my blog's focus.  I'm not getting a lot of feedback that others share my interest in couponing and finding great deals so I want to expand to money saving projects.  More or less this is for me to track what I've accomplished and it gives me the links I'll need to post on Pinterest.  In no way am I expecting to be "copied" but it will make it easier to share my projects with friends and family.  I still enjoy couponing and sharing the deals I find but I've been reposting finds via Facebook.  Posting to my blog got to be a lot.  So I hope if you come across this you will gain something out of it :)  Happy Saving!!