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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Plant Markers "Storage"

This is not really a "saving" tip, but just something I did today while cleaning up the garage.  I planted some shrubs about a month ago and kept the markers because come next spring, I will have NO idea what they are called.  Normally plant markers get thrown away or "filed" where I can never find them problem solved!  I was just going to nail these little guys to the garage wall but since Pinterest always has me trying to be more creative, I thought how can I make this Pintrest worthy?

There is no glass on the frame I bought at a garage sale for $0.50.  The back portion is just scrapbook paper and spray adhesive on the frame "backing" and I used wood glue to adhere the clothes pins to the paper.  I wanted to be able to change out the markers because either I or the Wyoming winter will most likely kill these plants :(  If you have a green thumb, I'm sure you'll need more than the 3 clothes pins I used!!