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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh-Boy, what have I done now?!?!

A relative suggested I start a FB page with money saving and coupon links since I post things from time to time on my own page.  At first I blew it off because there are soooo many already doing that, it's where I get all of my info from.  But then I got to thinking, a lot of my friends think I'm crazy for couponing,If I can get them to look at some of the things I see/benefit from, maybe they will start to look at shopping differently too.  I look back at how I shopped before coupons and think...what the hell was I doing?  I paid $4 for a loaf of bread without even thinking about it!!  Now if it's not under $2 I don't buy it (when it is under $2 I get a couple of loaves and freeze what we don't use, but we'll talk about that more later).  So friends and family, I hope you can get some insight from my experiences.  Or at least get a kick out of what I get excited about....SAVING MONEY!!! Thank you to Connie for talking me into starting this and thank you Aggie for opening my eyes to couponing and starting me off on the path!  :)