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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Walgreens Rundown II

Walgreens Logo
Quick Rundown of Shopping at Walgreen's.  Attached below is a link for more details.  Thought I would put this out for you guys so if you have any questions we can go a little more in detail if you like.  And it's 11pm ;)

RR = Register Rewards  These are manufacturer coupons printed from a separate printer and are to be used on your next shopping trip.  Certain products offer RR.  See your local flyer found in the front of the store or at the register for what products have RR that week.

1. Only 1 RR per offer printed per transaction
ex: $1.00 RR wyb (when you buy) 1 shampoo.  You can not buy 3 shampoo's in one transaction and get 3 $1 RR.  You will need to buy one at a time.

2. You can NOT pay for an item that offers a RR with the RR you just got from that same item on the previous transaction
ex: you gain $1 RR from the purchase of a shampoo.  If you use that RR to pay for a 2nd shampoo on your next transaction the system will not print a RR.

3. Remember, RR are manuf coupons.  Wags (Walgreen's) coupon policy states the coupon to items purchase have to be the same.  If you buy 3 items and have 3 coupons the register will not allow you to pay with a RR since it is considered a manuf coupon.  To get around this, you need a "filler" item.  A "filler" is an inexpensive item to get your coupon to item ratio the same.  Look for their weekly deals on the front of their flyers.  $0.09 hilighters, $0.11 folders...  If I see something on mark down like baby food or something else I know I need I usually get that. *catch* Your $1/2 items does not count as a 1 coupon to 2 items ratio.  The coupon is "attached" to both items thru the bar code.  *bouns* the coupons in their weekly flyer do not count as a coupon against your ratio so this will make for better "filler" options!

4. Look at your RR.  If it says issued by P&G you will not be able to pay with it and get a RR from another P&G item offering a RR
ex: You buy shampoo made by P&G and it gives you a $1 RR issued by P&G.  Now a toothpaste made by P&G is offering a RR wyb 1.  If you use the shampoo RR it will not print another.  Even though it's a completely different item, it's determined by who issues it.

5. You may stack a Wag's coupon with a manuf coupon.  Look at their beauty counter and by the front door for coupon booklets.

Here is KCL's Walgreen's 101 shopping advice. (click on the Walgreen's 101 "tab" a couple of banner's down.  Also watch the video, it helps a lot!!)  I hope all of this helps, it can be confusing.  Don't hesitate to ask questions, it's how I learned and it's how we'll teach others!

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