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Monday, December 26, 2011

Framed Family Monograms

Late on Christmas night, I was feeling crafty after spending about 2 hours on Pinterest....I'm soooo addicted!!!  I bought some picture frames from my cousin and originally painted some lines in the color I want to decorate my living space with.  It looked very amateur, I am an amateur painter so there's no surprise there!  For this project I re-purposed the frames, found some scrapbook paper I had on hand and used some stencils.  Instead of painting, I used the actual stencils.  Our last name has a different paper than our firsts.  My husband and I have the same first initial so I doubled ours in one frame and each of our children have their own.  This was super easy, sooo much better than my "paintings" and gave me a great sense of accomplishment!  Woo-Hoo, my first home decor :)  Hope you like the idea!

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